November 23, 2022

Organization: The Fishing Foundation
Contact: Gail Grizzell, 440.463.4476 mobile

The Fishing Foundation Releases New Book, “Learn to Fish: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” Promotes Diversity in Fishing

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In 2010, fellow anglers Dennis Knowles and Gail Grizzell launched The Fishing Foundation (TFF), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization based in greater Cleveland, Ohio; its mission is to improve people’s lives through the sport of fishing – specifically targeting youth in underserved areas. Twelve years later, they are embarking on another ambitious project, releasing a book entitled “Learn to Fish, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers.” The “learn to fish” manual is designed with diversity in mind to educate youth aged 8-18 about fishing.

From the onset of providing programming which included free fishing clinics, it’s been The Fishing Foundation’s goal to keep kids fishing from shore by gifting them a rod and reel to encourage continued engagement in the sport. “During the past twelve years, we’ve given away hundreds of rods and reels to participants for free. With the addition of our new book, “Learn to Fish, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” youngsters and teens will now have an educational guide to read and reference time and time again,” stated Dennis Knowles, president, The Fishing Foundation.

“Learn to Fish: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” is not the first book written for beginning anglers; however, it is innovative. Research revealed that while there are books on the market on how to fish, none represents a landscape of ethnic inclusion. According to Take Me Fishing’s 2022 Special Report on Fishing, participants of the sport were not as diverse as the U.S. population. Nearly eight in ten anglers were Caucasian. Among minority groups there were gaps; the Hispanic population accounts for 18 percent of the total U.S. population while only 9 percent went fishing; among African Americans, who make up 12 percent of the total U.S. population, only 8 percent went fishing.

While “Learn to Fish, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” was written for all youth, at The Fishing Foundation it is our belief that to increase the number of participants it is critical for would-be anglers to see, read and envision themselves as anglers.   

With the newly released “Learn to Fish: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” tweens and teens can get started immediately. The book is written by experienced anglers for youth who are learning how to fish. It is full of facts, information, and tips on everything from fishing equipment, preparing to go fishing, casting and even how to land a fish and what to do after you catch a fish. It’s fully illustrated with a diverse group of original art and photographs to guide you step-by-step through the learn-to-fish experience.

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