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Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through the sport of fishing.

Dennis James Knowles and Gail Ann Grizzell launched The Fishing Foundation (TFF) in 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio. TFF is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that offers youth training and classroom-style instruction on fishing techniques and regulations, fish habitats, water safety and conservation, and time fishing in a safe and secure environment. Program participants enjoy a fun-filled day of learning about casting, rigging, knot-tying, fish species and the importance of sustaining the environment, and fishing from shore.

As a way to expand The Fishing Foundation’s mission to enrich people’s lives through the sport of fishing, “Learn To Fish, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” was written by Dennis Knowles and Gail Grizzell as a way of encouraging youth to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, especially teens in underserved areas. The book is fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions on how to fish, with helpful tips on where to fish, fishing safety, bait and much more.

The book is not the first book which targets beginning anglers, but it is innovative. Research revealed that while there are books on the market on how to fish, none represented diversity. “Learn to Fish, A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginning Anglers,” was designed with diversity in mind… written for all youth. It’s diverse, multicultural and loaded with information on how to get started fishing, stay safe and catch fish.

Getting started doesn’t take much time, effort, or money. Just about anyone can do it and it can have a positive impact on your life. Fishing my not seem like a workout, but the benefits from casting, reeling, walking or standing on a boat are beneficial. In addition, the act of fishing helps build confidence, planning and preparation skills, a sense of independence, multitasking, improve motor skills, self-awareness and confidence. Perhaps more importantly, fishing is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Memories that will last a lifetime often come from teaming up together and preparing for a day on the lake to traveling to your favorite fishing spot together and the experience and excitement from catching the first fish.  

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Learn to Fish, a Step-by-step Guide for Beginning Anglers, is our first, and newest book release. It’s easy to read, packed full of beginner tips, with fun illustrations from front to back.